Roof Restorations

Our technicians will identify the defects and explain you how they are going to fix it. You’ll be aware of all the steps of the repair process. If you want more security, we are ready to provide roof coating services as well.

Restoration means to find out what is wrong with your roof and work on that particular spot or issue to make sure it will not bother you in the near future. It provides an addition waterproof layer to your roof.

Restoration is actually a very cost-effective option of roof repair that will extend the life of your built-up, modified bitumen, single ply or metal roof. Why give up on your investment if you can still use it, right? Just call Brilliant Coatings and Decorating and we will prolong the life of your roof.

There is no single restoration procedure, it highly depends on the specific issue. Therefore, you should call Brilliant Coatings and Decorating as soon as possible and let professionals handle the matter.

Roof coating is a fluid applied roofing membrane, which will solve roof leaks on almost all types roofing material. In addition to these benefits, roof restoration and coating is also environment-friendly. So, if you don’t want to create additional waste and throw away the materials of your existing roof then it is a good choice for you to refer to the Brilliant Coatings and Decorating for roof restoration and coating services. Plus, you will again avoid all the disposal costs. Our professional technicians will be at your property sooner than you expect.

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